Has this world been harsh to you? Are you nearing your breaking point? How about we make that better? Hi! My name is Vishal Langthasa and welcome to Chugli TV, it's a parallel world of randomness with a sprinkle of Northeast Indian flavour. I'm here to serve you some tickles with the help of my fam Aunt Nijula, Bonosree, Gunokanto and others.

My affair with the camera dates back to the days when I used to steal my brother’s handycam and run off to play. I have been beaten up, screamed at and laughed at for nurturing this love affair. But, I never stopped. My love for shooting videos on the handycam transcended into my love for shooting still images. I have always been intrigued by the idea of escaping from the world, from people and from the invisible harnesses that stop you from things that you would like to do. Each time I capture an image and the time stops for that shutter to let the light in, I feel the thrill of having escaped the binding of time.


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